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Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaner
Features: a) Power supply: AC 115 / 230V, 50 / 60Hz, 35W b) Running time: 3min c) Rated capacity: 50...

Optic Fiber for Dental Optic Fiber for Dental
Features: a) Outer diameter: Φ2.5 - Φ15mm b) Numerical aperture: N. A.≥0.60 c) Leng...

Impact Resistant Handrail Impact Resistant Handrail
Features: a) High - polymer outer decors: antisepsis and antibiosis PVC, PP / ABS b) Protecting wal...

Dual Purpose Medicine Vial Dual Purpose Medicine Vial
Materials: PP and PE Packing: PP bag

Gas Detector Gas Detector
Specifications: a) Alarm level: 2000ppm of LP gas b) Audio alarm: Min 85dB at 10 feet c) Visual a...

Fully - Automatic Syringe Assembly Line () Fully - Automatic Syringe Assembly Line ()
Features: a) Fixing strips (30pcs / ) b) Assembly of outer syringe sleeves, tubes, protective caps c...

Tubing Connector Tubing Connector
We can supply different types of medical tubing connectors.

Medicine Case/ First Aid Case Medicine Case/ First Aid Case
Features: a) Aluminum case, 320 x 180 x 195mm b) Half - moon type aluminum frame c) Two buckle locks...

ZZJ Semi - Automatic Syringe Needle Assembly Machine ZZJ Semi - Automatic Syringe Needle Assembly Machine
Features: a) High efficiency, 6 times that of manual assembly, greatly saving production cost and s...

Urine Meter Drain Bag Urine Meter Drain Bag
Features: a) GCU220101: 2600ml drain bag and 200cc urine meter b) GCU220102: 2500ml drain bag and 2...

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