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Health Food

Dehydrated Barley Seeding Powder & Wheat Seeding Powder Dehydrated Barley Seeding Powder & Wheat Seeding Powder
Specifications: a) Barley seeding and wheat seeding (): 15 x 15mm, 20 x 20mm b) Barley seedling powd...

Chestnut Mash Chestnut Mash
Chestnut mash is a kind of deep - processed chestnut by special technology.

Bee Products Bee Products
Features: a) Pollen as the male germinating element from flowers is collected by bees, depositing i...

Garlic Oil Capsule Garlic Oil Capsule
Each capsule consists of 3 - 10mg FCC garlic oil. Outer packing: carton

K - Alginate Granule K - Alginate Granule
Features: a) Extracted from seaweed b) Natural and without any side effects c) Can lower the blood ...

Ringent Chestnuts Ringent Chestnuts
Our chestnuts are made a kerf on the surface before being roasted for a natural and delicious taste...

K - Alginate Granule K - Alginate Granule
Use to adjust hypertension, this product is natural and without side effects. It can also be used t...

Salty Lemon Salt Salty Lemon Salt
Features: a) Adds flavor to your cooking b) You can also mix our lemon juice with a soda, such as ...

Hawthorn Slice Hawthorn Slice
Features: a) Healthy green food b) Beautiful packing, good taste c) Orange taste Packing: 48g x 2...

Peeled Roasted Chestnuts Peeled Roasted Chestnuts
Our frozen, peeled and roasted chestnuts sealing in aluminum foil bags with nitrogen under vacuum c...

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