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Anti - Snore Device

Anti - Snore Device

Detailed Anti - Snore Device Description

Snore is also called sleeping apnea syndrome, for short, snore disease. 

The operation for curing snore is only one of the curative methods. Although the operation is minor,
the fatalness is high. Except for the
especial snorers (such as severe hypertrophic rhinitis, 
hypertrophy of tongue base, nasal septum deviation, mandible malformation, etc.) were advised to be operated
in the hospital, the generic one need not. After operation the face is usually turgid, if malpractice or delay, inflammation
repeating, even bring about fatality. 
Small - - - Mini Size, convenience to carry. 

Not only does snore disturb others? Resting, but also
harm your own health, affect conjugal affections, what more, long - term will result in severe cerebral hypoxia, hypomnesia, 
headache and swirl, even cause arrhythmia, dyscrinism, hypertension, 
derogatic sexual function, Some snorers breathe
with their mouth for such a long time that their fauces dry, myocardial infarction and so on, and they easily
got cold, tracheitis, and even pneumonia. The reason
of its happening is mainly because of the block from stenosis of nose, naso pharynx,
uvulae and tongue - base tissue, so that the airflow can
not pass favoringly to make the fauces tissue vibrate, plus the fauces parenchyma srelaxing and the
base of tongue falling backward while we are sleeping, and we snore.

I - Care Sweet - Dreamer Anti - Snore Device is developed with following characteristic:

Safe - - - no drug, battery operated, minimum contact with human body, no side effect
Simple - - - User Friendly buttom control, paste and use.
Sound Controlled - - - Operate only when you snore, unlike other snore stopper. Device
come with intelligent controller to identify snore and activite pulse for snore

If you would like more information about Anti - Snore Device, please contact us or visit our website for more details.

Contact information:

Address: 3 / F, 8 Xinglong Street, Building 16, Torch High - Tech Industrial Zone, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. China
Company Name: Futuristic Zhongshan Ltd.
Contact Person: Diana Ding
Fax: 86-760-8290055
Mobile Phone: 86-13925969383
Telephone: 86-760-8292029
Zip: 528437

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