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Catalog << Food & Beverage << Frozen & Dried Fruit

Frozen & Dried Fruit

FD Strawberry FD Strawberry
Our frozen and dried strawberries are available in all kinds of sizes, cut or whole. This product ...

IQF Strawberry, IQF Apricot, IQF Yellow Peach IQF Strawberry, IQF Apricot, IQF Yellow Peach
Frozen fruits: strawberry, apricot, yellow peach, blackberry. Fd fruits: strawberry, peach, apple, ...

Dried Apricots Dried Apricots
Features: a) Strong apricot flavor b) Bright orange color c) Grade: S, L, M, XL Outer packing 12.5k...

Frozen Strawberries Frozen Strawberries
Specifications: a) Diameter: 2.0 - 2.5cm, 2.5 - 3.5cm b) New crop: April c) Variety: Sengana, Americ...

IQF Apple and Apricot IQF Apple and Apricot
Specifications: a) Frozen apple and apricot halves, slices, dices 10 x 10mm b) Apple variety: Fuji, ...

Freeze Dried Onion Freeze Dried Onion
Features: a) Width: 8 - 10mm b) Moisture: max. 3% Packing: 4 - 5kg / carton

IQF Senga Sengana IQF Senga Sengana
We can supply products in different blocks and sizes according to customer's needs

Dehydrated Apple Rings Dehydrated Apple Rings
Features: a) Made from clean Fuji, Guoguang, or Ralls variety apples b) SO2 content below 600ppm c) ...

Fresh or Frozen Chestnut Fresh or Frozen Chestnut
Specifications: a) Fresh chestnuts 1) Sizes: 40 - 60counts / kg, 60 - 80counts / kg, 80 - 100counts ...

Frozen Strawberry Frozen Strawberry
Specifications: a) Sizes: more than 20mm, slice, or dice b) Color: red or pink red c) Taste and smel...

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