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Catalog << Printing & Publishing << Radio & TV Equipment << Radio & TV Equipment. Page 6 << Stand - alone Transport Stream Scrambler UMH - 600

Stand - alone Transport Stream Scrambler UMH - 600

Stand - alone Transport Stream Scrambler UMH - 600

Detailed Stand - alone Transport Stream Scrambler UMH - 600 Description

a) DVB common scrambling of selected programs or elementary streams
b) Integrated with most leading CA systems using DVB SimulCrypt compliant 
c) Insertion of EMM and ECM data streams
d) Generating of scrambling control words ()
e) Processing of MPEG - 2 Program Specific Information () tables related 
to CA
f) Processing of DVB Service Information () related to CA
g) Bit rate adaptation and PCR re - stamping
h) Four ASI inputs and outputs, SPTS and MPTS input support
i) Input bit rate 1 - 50Mbps
j) ASI packet length 204 / 188 selectable
k) Support of TCP+UDP communicating with CA
l) Remote real - time monitoring of transport stream
m) Service Information () and Program Specific Information () tables are 
updated with descriptions from the Conditional Access System that has 
been applied 
n) Additional data streams required by the set - top box, Entitlement 
Management Messages () and Entitlement Control Messages () 
are also multiplexed into the output transport stream
o) Uses DVB Asynchronous Serial Interfaces () on inputs and outputs, 
ensuing interoperability 

Rear panel:
a) ASI in (1 - d): four ASI inputs, BNC connector
b) ASI out (1 - d): four ASI outputs, BNC connector
c) ETHERNET: communicating port for CAS and Ethernet, RJ45 connector

Our Stand - alone Transport Stream Scrambler UMH - 600 comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guranteed.

Contact information:

Address: 18F Foryou Tower, No.1 Yanda Road, Huizou City, Guangdong Province. China
Company Name: Unionman Technology Ltd.
Contact Person: Bill Zou
Fax: 86-752-2526660
Mobile Phone: 86-13502422229
Telephone: 86-752-2526665
Zip: 516001

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