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Multi - layers Multi - layers
Dynamic flexing requirements: a) Reduce Space b) Light weight c) Provide uniform electrical characte...

PCB Board PCB Board
Specifications: a) 4 - layer PCB b) Min. line space: 0.15mm c) Min. line width: 0.15mm d) Min. hole ...

Air Conditioner Controller Air Conditioner Controller
Features: a) Intelligent dynamic LED display b)5 running modes c) Assistant electric hot up d) Elect...

Double - Sided PCB Double - Sided PCB
We can supply both double - sided and half - hole PCBs.

PCB Product PCB Product
Features: a) We supply a variety of PCB products, OEM service. b) It was computer's keyboard PCB, ha...

PCB 4- Layer PCB 4- Layer
Specifications: a) 4 - layer PCB b) Board thickness: 1.6mm c) Base material: FR - 4 d) With blind v...

Gold - Plated Mobile PCB Board Gold - Plated Mobile PCB Board
Specifications: a) 6 - layer PCB b) Min. line space: 0.15mm c) Min. line width: 0.12mm d) Min. hole ...

Printed Circuit Board Printed Circuit Board
Double - sided HASL board, 1.0mm with punch V - cut.

Copper Lumpish Copper Lumpish
The printed circuit board is essentially the most important component part of all electronic instrum...

Washing Machine Controller Washing Machine Controller
Features: a) VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent ) b) 10 water levels, intelligent water flow c) Round the clock...

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