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Telephones & Parts

Roadside Phone Roadside Phone
Features: a) Die - cast aluminum body b) High impact resistance c) Illuminated d) Automatic orientat...

Transmitter and Receiver Transmitter and Receiver
We can provide various kinds of telephone receivers and transmitters for payphones.

Caller ID Telephone Caller ID Telephone
Features: a) FSK and DTMF compatible b) Indicates new call, long distance, repeat call, and error c)...

Slim Telephone Slim Telephone
Features and specifications: a) Super luminous light b) Redial function c) Pause function d) Mute f...

VoIP Phone VoIP Phone
Features: a) Supports static IP / DHCP and PPPOE b) Two RJ45 10 / 100 M c) Supports RFC3261 SIP p...

Caller ID Phone (XL - ) Caller ID Phone (XL - )
Specifications: a) FSK / DTMF auto detect dual system b) 16 digits dialing display c) 60 incoming c...

Telephone Set Telephone Set
Specifications: a) D / T switchable b) Hi - lo ringer c) Flash d) Redial e) IDD lock

Phone Phone
Features and specifications: a) P / T dialing b) Desk and wall - mountable c) Flash and last numb...

Ivory Telephone Extension Coil Cord 50 FT Ivory Telephone Extension Coil Cord 50 FT
Conductor: Cu Insulator: PP or PE Jacket: PVC Accessories: plug Length: 8FT Colour: black Certificat...

Caller ID Phone Caller ID Phone
Features and specifications: a) FSK / DTMF dual system CID compatible . b) 40 incoming calls memory...

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