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Telecom Parts. Page 5

Insertion Tool Insertion Tool
Specifications: Insertion tool

Multipurpose Wiring Canister Multipurpose Wiring Canister
Features: a) Body: made from injection - molded high intensity engineering plastic b) Outside fasten...

Cat5 Disconnection Module Cat5 Disconnection Module
It is adopted the insulating displacement connection () technology. The touch point between reed an...

Communication Optical Cable Joint Closure Communication Optical Cable Joint Closure
Technical parameters: Ambient temperature: -40° C~+55° C Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa~106KP...

Bluetooth Handset Bluetooth Handset
It specially designs for different kinds of Bluetooth cell phone. It has fashion type similar as in...

Ventilation System Ventilation System
Available types: a) SYT - 04D, SYT - 04A b) SYT - 08D, SYT - 08A c) SYT - 16D, SYT - 16A d) SYT - 2...

Vibrator Motor 4TH3 - 0202B Vibrator Motor 4TH3 - 0202B
Specifications: a) Diameter: 4mm b) Overall length: 12.8mm c) Rated voltage: 3.0V DC d) Rated curre...

Travel Easy Cable Bag Travel Easy Cable Bag
Features: a) USB A / M to A / M Connector; b) USB A / M to B / M Connector; c) USB A / M to Mini 5P ...

Insertion Tool Insertion Tool
Specifications: Insertion tool

VT12864M LCM VT12864M LCM
Specifications: a) Module size (Φ譎):89 x 14 b) Active area (W x ): 43.5x 9 c) Number o...

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