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Electric Storage Water Heaters

Electric Storage Water Heaters

Detailed Electric Storage Water Heaters Description

a) Quality super thick steel plate: 
The special quality 2mm steel plate, shaped by being stretched wholly for once only 
and matched with imported program - controlled welding facilities, could ensure 
excellent pressure - bearing ability of vitreous enamel tank 
b) Vitreous enamel tank: 
Vitreous enamel utilized in OTT tank is provided by FERRO Company of America, the
largest professional enamel company. Being sintered at 900oC , which enable the performance norm 
of corrosion resistance, the 
enamel lining and the steel plate fuse together, boiling water weightlessness resistance, fatigue resistance
and pound resistance
c) Super large anode protection: 
The quality anode magnesium rod provided on the basis of Germanic DIN4753 
standard is 60% bigger than that of ordinary electric water heater, so that it 
improves the performance of protecting the tank from corrosion effectively
d) Heating element separating water from electricity and preventing heating without 
Adopts imported Incoloy 800 nickel - chromium heating element and anti - furring 
coating on the surface, which could prevent corrosion and furring better. With the automatic wet daub - painting
technique, the enamel could be evenly daubed onto the special steel plate that has
been degreased and sand - blasted. Suppose it
heats without water for 24 hours, the electrical performance data will still keep
fixed. Fill the
heating element densely with magnesia powder and silicon to separate water and
electricity utterly. Particular screw thread connection makes it airtight and exchangeable. With insulating resistance of 1,000MΩ, it could provide 500
times safety than national standard of 2MΩ. The 1,800V high tension testing
insures safety in use 
e) Leakage current protection:
High quality leakage current protector would cut off the power in 0.1 second 
when slight current leaks (less than 10mA, and the current that human body 
could feel is ) 
f) Automatic malfunction testing and alerting: 
The control system will test the major elements continuously under working. When
malfunction appears, the system will alarm and display the accordant code and 
cut the power to ensure safety 
g) Environmental protection non - fluorine polyurethane foaming insulation layer: 
1) Super thick non - fluorine polyurethane foaming wholly and evenly under high 
pressure keeps heat extremely well
2) It could supply hot water even if the power is cut off for 48 hours
h) Frostbite prevention: 
1) If the water heater is not used for a long time, the thermostat could be set at a 
low degree; when the temperature is lower than 5oC, the 
thermostat would switch on automatically and switch off when higher than 5oC
2) Especially suitable for cold area
i) Adoption of off - peak electricity: 
Fully uses off - peak electricity with hydronic heating and time setting, which could 
save 40 - 50% rate 
j) Electronic thermostat:
Realizes stepless regulation to water and display water temperature digitally in high
precision ( ±1oC ) and ensures convenient observation

We have been a leading manufacturer and exporter of Electric Storage Water Heaters

Contact information:

Address: 158 Lvke Road, Shanghai City. China (Shanghai ) 88 Putian Road, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province. China (Zhejiang )
Company Name: Shanghai OTT Electrical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Putian Electric Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. King Leon, Mrs. Zhenyi (Shanghai OTT) Miss. Xia Jun (Zhejiang PUTA)
Fax: 86-21-50611009 (Shanghai OTT) 86-575-3366000 (Zhejiang PUTA)
Telephone: 86-21-58449988 (Shanghai OTT) 86-575-3368618 (Zhejiang PUTA)
Zip: 201204

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