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Internal 56ISA Modem Internal 56ISA Modem
Features: a) Modulation mode: ITU V.92 / V.90 / V.34 / V.32bis / V.32 / V.22bis / V.22 protocols b)...

ADSL Modem ADSL Modem
Specifications: a) 10 / 100MBps external ADSL modem b) With Router and firewall functions c) Complia...

Pctel 688 Internal Fax Modem Pctel 688 Internal Fax Modem
Features: a) Data modulation rate: V. 34bis, V. 34+, ITU - T V. 34, V. 32bis, V. 32, V. 22bis, V. ...

Conexant Fax Modem Conexant Fax Modem
Features: a) Chips: conexant11252 b) Supports plug and play () c) Communication protocol: ITU - T ...

ADSL Modem ADSL Modem
Features: a) USB Ethernet ADSL modem b) Simple configuration, high performance and competitive price...

56K Internal Modem 56K Internal Modem
Features: a) Internal hard modem with INTEL double chipsets b) Supports V.90 / V.92 data, fax, voice...


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