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Diethyl Carbonate

Diethyl Carbonate

Detailed Diethyl Carbonate Description

a) It is a high quality solvent and textile auxiliary agent.
b) It has found wide applications as ethylating carbonylating and 
arbonylethoxylating reagents in organic synthesis. 
c) It is also used as solvents of nitro - cotton, cellulose ether, synthetic 
resin and natural resin in the textile printing and dyeing industry. 
d) Diethyl carbonate can make dyeing uniformity and increase fading quality 
against sunshine.
e) It is a nice solvent of polyamide, polyacrylonitrile and diphenol resin 
and it can improve feel of the textiles and anti - crease quality in the 
synthetic fiber industry. 
f) It is used as paint remover in the paint industry; in the plastic process
it is the solvent of plasticizer or can be used as solvent of plasticizer
directly or can be used as plasticizer directly. 
g) It is used to prepare the electrolyte in the capacitor battery and 
lithium battery. 
h) In the pharmaceutical industry it is the basis ingredient of hard and is 
used to synthesize intermediate Phenobarbital. 
i) Thus it has an extensive market - developing prospect.

a) Purity: 99.50% min
b) Methanol + ethanol content: 200ppm max
c) Moisture: 200ppm max
d) Color (): 10 max

Our Diethyl Carbonate comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guranteed.

Contact information:

Address: No.1 Nengyuan Lane, Dongying City, Beier Road, Shandong Province. China
Company Name: Shandong Shida Shenghua Chemical Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Jia Fenglei
Fax: 86-546-8223982
Telephone: 86-546-8395148
Zip: 257061

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