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Catalog << Chemicals << Inorganic Chemical Materials << Inorganic Salt << Potassium Fluozirconate

Potassium Fluozirconate

Potassium Fluozirconate

Detailed Potassium Fluozirconate Description

Molecular formula: K2ZrF6

a) White crystal
b) Slightly soluble in water
c) Dissolvable in hot water; solubility is 6.5g / 100ml (80o), 
19g / 100ml(10o)
d) Poisonous

Molecular weight: 283.42

Specifications: (refer to Q / HG 22 - 697 - 67 )

Melting point: 840oC

Content:	≥98%
Zirconium	≥31%
Chloride ()	≤0.15%
Sulfate ()	≤0.5%
Moisture ()	≤0.05%
Heavy metals ()	≤0.01%
Fluosilicate (as )	 ≤0.06%
Iron ()	≤0.02%
Natrium	≤0.1%

– 325 mesh: 20% max.
+200 mesh: 3% min. 

Usage: in manufacture of zirconium, ferroalloys, zirconium compound, 
magnesium - alumina alloys, steel and non - ferrous metal alloys; in the 
nuclear energy industry; in the manufacture of high - class electro-
materials, fireworks, refractory materials, ceramics, enamelware, 
glass etc. 
Class of risk: 6.1 
UN number: 3288
Specified number of dangerous goods: 83025

Caution at transportation: inorganic poison. 

Outer Packing:25kg composite bag or PE bag

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Contact information:

Address: South of Mocheng Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province. China
Company Name: Changshu Jinxing Chemical Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Gao Sheng
Fax: 86-29-82331563(Export Dept.) 86-512-52458950,52451513(Factory)
Telephone: 86-29-82331560,82331561(Export Dept.) 86-512-52458930,52451363(Factory)
Zip: 215556

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